Two runs "completely messed up"

Old Master Birger Bruhns has reached a disappointing 14th place at the German Speedsurf Championships in Orth on Fehmarn 2019. It had started well in the first run after days of lull. Birger Bruhns: "I had a very good feeling in the first race, perfectly matched equipment, everything went well and an 8th place in the first race was a good start." Runs 2 and 3 with a twelfth and another eighth place were good, Birger Bruhns on a good way into the Top10 - if he had not "completely messed up" the last two races. So he stayed at the end of the 14th place. "What was still okay with a total of 45 participants," says Birger.
The raffle was again carried out by him this year. After all participants had drawn their lot number, it went straight to the point - after lot number 25, all the goodies from Aquapac were already out of stock. Birger Bruhns: "Water sports enthusiasts know what's good!"

"The DM went well"

"Altmeister" Birger Bruhns, who has been sponsored by Aquapac for years, entered the overall classification at the Speed-DM in Orth on Fehmarn. In his age class he became fifth. His conclusion: "The DM went well, I am very satisfied with the place among the top ten!" "Fun" was observed, that many participants carried the logger in the Aquapac on the upper arm in addition to a new GPS wristwatch: "Sure sure. "So the prizes Aquapac sponsored for the raffle were well received by the winners. Birger Bruhns: "A great deal and thank you very much for your generosity. Now we go to Lake Garda for 2 weeks - without equipment, just to relax."


7th place at the German Speed-Championship

A 7th place: Birger Bruhns on the German speed Championships has achieved this success mid-September 2015 in Orth on Fehmarn. In some very good wind conditions, six runs were started. Birger run 180 kilometers. A total of 38 starters were in the field.

And as always, Birger Bruhns has set to Aquapac waterproof arm bags, to protect his speed logger from water and salt. His comment: "My Aquapac has once again kept my GPS devices dry and secure!"

German Champion 2013:

Aquapac Birger Bruhns Fehmarn Speedsurfen Deutscher Meister

The proud champion: Birger Bruhns

After 24 months break due to health problems, old master Birger Bruns has indicated the boys what is a rake: the German speed Surf Championship mid-September which took the 9th place in the 40-strong field. He won even the German Champion in the masterclass Ü50.
Five days of competition faced on the Baltic Sea in Burg auf Fehmarn five days with slack. Birger Bruhns was satisfied: "It went all super."
As also with the Aquapac and specially the pro sports, the Birger Bruhns used to measure the crazy speeds with its data loggers. "All fart dry remained", so his dry comment. Other surfers are convinced of the quality of the Aquapac. At the German Championships were Birger Bruhns has observed all participants with a case at the start.


Banked on the wrong board

Aquapac birger bruhns

Aquapac birger bruhns

Surf champion Birger Bruhns has been sponsored by for years. The 53-year-old is a surf-ace. He proved that again at the German speed surfing championships in September 2010 in the Orth Bay of Fehmarn. There he was 6th in the master class, which meant 11th in the overall standings. Until the last race he was still ranked 8th. But then he banked on the wrong board, result: 20th place... The wind had blown with up to 7 Bft, 6 runs of 90 minutes each were done at speeds of well over 60 kmph. Birger Bruhns combative: "Next year I will start a new attack." Last year birger was 7th.

And: "My Aquapac again did not let me down in this season, not even a water inrush from heavy falls."

Further Birger Bruhns noted, that the good-speed surfers are getting older and older. "The three in front of me have only recently skipped the 45 summers." Nearly 50 drivers took part in the championship.

The above photo was taken with a camera mounted on the mast. And on the arm Birger wears the PRO sports in which he stores his data logger completely waterproof.
Aquapac Birger Bruhns Fehmarn Speedsurfen Deutscher Meister