Jörg Knorr - the man on the other paths

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Jörg Knorr on "his" baltic sea.

For 20 years, Jorg Knorr has been traveling with his kayak. Always looking for new horizons. Both at the front door, on the Flensburg Fjord or the Schlei, and further away on the Baltic Sea, North Sea or Pacific. Knorr paddled the entire German Baltic Sea coast from the Danish to the Polish border in one piece. Shortly after it was the German North Sea coast. Again in one piece from Romo (Denmark) to Borkum.
In 2002 the adventurer took the longest trip. From Flensburg to Finland over 2000 kilometers. 3 years earlier he paddled from Flensburg to Oslo. On the Canadian west coast further trips followed. In 2006 a circumnavigation of Vancouver Island and 3 years later, a trip to Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). In between, Knorr is always traveling in Scandinavia.
He almost never gets on board without a camera. "In addition to paddle and kayak my cameras are the most important tools when I am traveling," says Knorr, adding: "To sort the photos after a trip is almost as if you were on the road again."
In his lectures the electoral Flensburg citizen takes the public on board and presents impressive multimedia shows.
Even jobwise the sea kayaker is connected with boats. He is a mechanical engineer at a shipyard in Flensburg. He is born in '61 in Rostock, married and has a son. His family regularly goes on tour with him.

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The Northland Round

On 11 June 2013 Jörg Knorr will set his kayak to water north of the 68th Latitude and try to circumnavigate the archipelago of Lofoten / Vesterålen all alone. Knorr is not a lonely person. "To find a good friend who wants to do that, is not so easy," says the Flensburg man. The 51-year old has already repeatedly demonstrated that he does quite well alone. He paddled for example, from Flensburg to Finland or Iceland to Vancouver. Scandinavia is one of the favorite hunting grounds of the North German. Knorr says: "The further north the better. The Lofoten Islands have for many years been on my travel list. I can not wait to finally experience the midnight sun and feel the magic of the landscape on a night cruise. "
On the question of why the native of Rostock replies: "Clearly the focus is the experience of nature that needs to be worked out also physically. The coasts of the Arctic Circle are a unique landscape. The weather is anything but predictable. You must have some luck. But 24 hours sunshine, miles of deserted beaches, spectacular mountain scenery and diverse wildlife are worth to try such an adventure. With some luck, I'll see whales. To experience such experiences first hand, you should get into the kayak. For me there is no better traveling vehicle. "Jörg Knorr should know.

The second most beautiful sea voyage in the world

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On his 600-kilometer tour around the Lofoten Jörg Knorr of course was equipped with waterproof cases from Aquapac to protect his electronics from water and salt. And in our new Pack Dividers you can also stow your breakfast waterproof.

In early July 2013 Jörg Knorr is on the Hurtigruten ship MS "NORDKAPP" on his way home. The ship coming from Stokmarkness sails into the Troll Fjord, follows the Lofoten coast, swings over to the Norwegian mainland and passes the Arctic Circle to then continue its way to Bergen. The scenery on both sides offers passengers not only a unique setting, but enchants every year tourists from all over the world. Spectacular views and interesting excursions are part of the standard program of the Hurtigruten travels. However, guests are treated not only by the close experience with Norwegian fjords and islands. They also treat themselves to some fine food on board. "The ships'cooks are artists," says Knorr, adding: "With me, however, they have an easy game. In the last 3 weeks I have provided myself with cereal, pasta, rice and potatoes."

The 51-year-old has paddled 600 kilometers in his kayak around the Lofoten and Vesteralen. He has built up his tent on deserted islands, wild beaches and in small remote fishing villages. "I'm always looking for new horizons. This year I finally wanted to make an overdue dream come true" says the passionate long-distance paddler with shining eyes and adds: "It was a wonderful tour that took me to the 69th degree of latitude. It made me feel, how great this country is, and it has given me happiness almost every day."

Jörg knows what he's talking about. He had already paddled from Flensburg to Oslo and Finland, had surrounded Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands on Canada's west coast. 2014 he plans a tour in Newfoundland. The Rostock born seems to seek adventure and doesn't get tired to look out for new goals.
Knorr: "Northern Norway is exactly the right place if you are looking for adventure, wilderness, authentic nature experiences and challenges. Almost every day I have seen puffins, guillemots, razorbills and sea eagles. One morning near my tent on the beach a group of reindeer appeared. Another time I even watched a polar fox. There is 24 hour daylight. About the spectacular locations of my accommodation places I will not say anything. To be traveling at the Norwegian Polar sea coast with boat and tent guarantees you privileged campsites that often make it hard to break down the tent in the morning."

Freshly showered and sated by a rich lunch buffet Knorr now stands on the aft deck of the "NORDKAPP", looks towards the wake into the distance and says: "What is better than to go home with the Hurtigruten ship after a long kayak tour. So I very slow take farewell of a landscape whose natural beauty I have experienced quite intensively. Nevertheless, for me it is only the second most beautiful sea voyage in the world. I've seen the most beautiful from the kayak perspective."

On the coast of Newfoundland:

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2014 Newfoundland was in Jörg Knorr's - and his son's - Travel Calendar: "32 days of paddling in Newfoundland on Canada's east coast lie behind us. In June and July we paddled about 850 km between icebergs and whales, sea eagles and rocks along a not always inviting coast. Finding the nearest suitable place for landing was sometimes difficult. It was exciting, sometimes exhausting, but ultimately thrilling until the end. Only 4 °C water temperature made ??the trip not a cuddly experience. A warm July, however, made ??up for the cooler June days. The generous people in this area have outright showered us with their hospitality."

Now it's time to sort images, and in December the new presentation shall be done. Then all interested viewers may get in the kayak and pursue an adventurous journey on the canvas.

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Adventure Tasmania

To Tasmania with the sea kayak was Jörg Knorr in spring 2017. He enthused: "An experience and an island of a special kind." The whole issue comes back in a lecture together with video. Who wants to have a taste? Here is a Link