Aquapac Kameratasche reemedia
Headlights packed in Aquapacs by foto agency reemedia.

Reemedia -  the foto agency for kite-surfer and surfer

 Aquapac Kameratasche reemedia
Kitesurfers Florian und Erwin Gruber, picture taken by a camera packed in an Aquapac-Case on top of the sail.

© is a small but nice photo agency from Hamburg specialized in pictures of water sports and ball games like football or handball. In particular, the surfing and kite surfing has done it to the photographers. With spectacular shots came on the covers of not only the relevant special magazines​. For famous names of the scene, they are some of the hottest photographers, even on the scene events, be it national or international. Even in the stadiums of the Hamburg SV and St. Pauli or in the hall of HSV-handball players, the agency is represented.

For the water sports shots the professionals rely on the waterproof camera cases from Aquapac. For numerous photos in or on the water, the cameras are used securely packaged. Or fastened in the sails for spectacular aerial views. If they fall into the water? No problem, the cameras are 100% protected by the Aquapacs and float along with the cases of the water. Radio triggers are also - waterproof - packed inside our cell phone pockets.

Appetite for intriguing shots of kiting and surfing?