Aquapac wasserdicht Tasche Team Berghaus Patagonien Expedition Race
Preparations in Patagonia: The Team Berghaus on the gravel roads of Peru.

Team Berghaus - more than 600 kilometers through Patagonia:

Team Berghaus, that's the name of the four who get involved in one of the toughest outdoor adventures in the world. 600 km through the wilds of Patagonia at the other end of the world. On foot, by bicycle or by canoe, it is rocks, plains, wild rivers and snowfields to cross. Part of it wilderness no man has ever set foot on before. The team with team manager Fred Buchali, Neil McQueen, Thomas Schmitt (all GER) and Maria Leijerstam (GB) will be traveling 10 days. Before that were one and a half years of preparation. Like the question of how to pack 200,000 kilocalories as well and light as possible not to carry too much. Or how to pass this physical challenge at all, even if all four are experienced marathon runners or Iron-men or women. And it was necessary to clarify the question: How do I protect the electronic equipment?

Of course, with waterproof Aquapacs. For radios, mobile phones, cameras, GPS, and much more, which we sponsor the team with. On 11 February 2013 it starts in Puerto Natales in Peru, from where it goes into the Torres del Paine. There are eleven teams at the start. In recent years only about 50 percent of the teams reached the finish ...

Update I:

Team Berghaus has started as the only German team. First came extensive racing enrollment / registration, certificates for kayaking and climbing / rope activities, equipment check, planning and preparation of equipment and food, and interviews. In addition, the athletes' bodies were measured in a scientific study that would evaluate the impact of exposure on such a long extreme sports event. Sunday night the so called race briefing was held. Here the participants were informed about the race course for the first (and only) time. Particularly important are the forms of sport and their sequence, the length of the road sections (with optimal navigation) as well as specific rules and regulations (eg safety or behavior in national parks). In addition, the teams got handed out the maps, with which they have to head for the various check points in turn.

The race now looks as follows:

The starting shot in Punta Natales was done at midnight on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Target will be close to the most southerly point of the Americas, near Cape Horn.
Total distance: 701 km, including 381 km of MTB (on 5 stages), 255 km trekking (on 3 stages) and 66 km kayak (on 2 stages).

Update II:

The first news since the start of the race are arriving. Team Berghaus Adventure is off to a very good start and is on third position now, just behind the top favorites and series winners in recent years, Adidas Terrex Prunesco from Great Britain and Team East Wind.
Up to the first transition area "Torres del Paine" after 108 km of mountain biking in the dark, they could keep the gap to the leading in under an hour. The first night was cold and windy, but at least dry. Also from the second stage there is an intermediate state to report: On the order of the top teams there is no change, Berghaus Adventure continues in 3rd Position. The time intervals between the first 3 teams have increased slightly, while the GearJunkies are only just behind Berghaus. The second section is trekking (118 kilometers overall) with a long glacier section. Meanwhile, most teams should have taken the glacier part.

Update III, February, 15th 2013:

It's been a hard last night for the teams in Patagonia: heavy rain, low temperatures and snow fall above 700m. There are only 4 teams left racing officially, including Berghaus Adventure! NorCal and RedFox didn't make the cut off at CP6 and all other teams have withdrawn from the race.
At CP10 team Berghaus is to equipped with GPS-Tracking.

Update IV, February, 17th 2013:

Aquapac wasserdicht Patagonien Team Berghaus
Team Berghaus through the wilderness of Patagonia, the camera protected in an Aquapac-Case safely.

it's been very busy over the last hours at the Patagonian Expedition Race 2013: Since 7 teams already lost the fight against the clock/time limits at an early stage of the race, it now got close for Team Berghaus Adventure. They passed check point 7 and finished the very long trekking leg (with glacier passage). Back on their bikes they only had a small chance to reach CP8 in time. In the end they missed it by a hair. According to race control they are allowed to continue the race unranked at CP 12 - in case the transport is logistically possible.
In the meantime our team reporter Birgit sent her report. She was positioned at CP 2 (begin of the glacier) on the long trekking leg. Back at race head quarters she was able to message her impressions:
"Start in Puerto Natales at midnight, 108km MTB: Ranking at CP 1: 1. Adidas Terrex 2. EastWind 3. Berghaus 4. GearJunkies 5. RedFox ...
Then 21km trekking, first trails, 1st river crossing (knee-deep water), the without trail and 1st & 2nd-grade-climbing. My Position at CP 2 was the start of the glacier passage (Hielo del sur). 1. Team Adidas at 11:05, they only put on their crampons and went on 2. Team EastWind at 12:15, also very quick 3. Team Berghaus Adventure at 13:15, all 4 still in good shape and very motivated. After a short brake they continued with high pace. 4. Team GearJunkies 5-10 min after Berghaus. Started together with Berghaus on the glacier. 5. Ream RedFox 6. Team NorCal
The glacier passage was really stunning!!! 10km, probably more like 15km. Relatively easy the the beginning, but lots of crevasses in the second half! Spectacular! Perfect for our team!
They reached CP 3 (end of the glacier) in 4th position, closely behind GearJunkies.
Then there were two phat river crossings. Team Berghaus was equipped with rollers and harnesses to be able to cross on of the rivers (30 meters) by means of a high wire. There is no information on how they managed it - but they did! We are really proud of our team!
It's very hard to get accurate information, the GPS trackers don't work very reliably. Team Berghaus isn't equipped with a tracker so far, but they will receive on as soon as possible. Then there should be more information available on the PER facebook page. They're still racing ranked. There are only 4 teams left on the course!!! Really the last wild race!! Extremely demanding! Yesterday as well as the night before they experienced heavy rain and very strong winds. No team is getting anything for granted. I will send some picture as soon as possible!"

Updates to follow, if in the wilderness messaging works at all ...

Update V and end:

Further transmission of the race course was technically no longer implemented. The Berghaus team finally landed in fourth place. "It was definitely the hardest race I have ever attended. Despite the hardships there are many great impressions," the team manager said concluding: "Two small impressions: The scenery is insane, the weather exhausting." And: " The Aquapac cases were THE OPTIMAL PROTECTION for our equipment. Once again I want to thank you on behalf of the team for your support."