Freya Hoffmeister - somewhere in the middle of nowhere

Undeterred, sea kayaker Freya Hoffmeister continues her circumnavigation of North America. Started in 2017, she has now arrived at paddle day 840 this summer (as of 23 July 2023). She is far up in Canada's Northern Territories, far above the Arctic Circle, somewhere behind the settlement of Tuktoyaktuk with just under 1000 inhabitants. Location information is only vague, is only approximately found even by Google Maps: Russell Inlet or Seal Bay not at all, but at least the huge McKinley Bay. She reports on polar bears in her daily diary on Facebook, on sightings of whales, seals or belugas, or on a 60.3-kilometre-long crossing of a bay that saved her and her paddling partner Jimmy a lot of time - and energy. Again and again they are on the lookout for drinking water and safe places to land and spend the night.

Earlier in the year, she travelled south. There, from 13 March to 24 April, she covered the distance between Panama City on the Pacific side to Puerto Cobezas in Nicaragua. This means she has left the Panama Canal behind for the second time, is back in the Caribbean and just before the Gulf of Mexico.

Who wants to have a look, here is a link to Freyas Homepage

Freya Hoffmeister - still 32.000 kilometers to paddle

50,000 kilometers lay ahead of Freya Hoffmeister when she set out in 2017 to become the first person in the world to circumnavigate North America in a sea kayak. She has now completed 18,000 kilometers in May 2022. She started in Seattle and has since circumnavigated North America in two half circles, eventually completing both half circles on the North Coast. Where else but in New York, virtually under the torch of the Statue of Liberty. "Seven, eight years" will probably still be needed, she says this spring. Originally, she planned to complete the whole trip in about ten years.

In the meantime, she has come as far south as Puerto Sandino near Nicaragua's capital, Managua, not far from the Panama Canal, which she has already crossed in a sea kayak while circumnavigating South America. At the end of February, with day 680 of the North American circumnavigation, she finished this "leg" and has since returned to her home in Husum to take care of her two ice cream parlors.

With Aqupacs up to the Arctic Ocean

And to prepare the summer leg, which will take her from June onwards from Wainwright in Alaska, with its population of just under 600, even further up into the Arctic Ocean. This time, two women will accompany Freya Hoffmeister in sea kayaks. Human settlements no longer exist, so the food must be on board the kayaks, about 80 kilos are on board. And a pump shotgun, because the polar bears are not exactly harmless.

On board, of course, are a number of electronic devices such as navigation systems or satellite telephone. They are all safely packed in waterproof bags from Aquapac. We have been sponsoring Freya Hoffmeister with our bags for years, and have also been on board her circumnavigations of South America, Australia or New Zealand.

More of Freya Hoffmeister and her circumnavigations  here

Freya Hoffmeister - the first 151 days are done

At the end of August 2017 Freya Hoffmeister took the first stage of her encirclement of North America in sea kayak. 151 days she was at sea. The extreme sportswoman started in Seattle, at Cape Kiwanda / Oregon tie first leg was finished. The first part of her stage led her up north to Kodiak on Kodiak Island, which was significantly further than her originally envisioned Anchorage. As there was still some time left after her return to Seattle she paddled south to Cape Kiwanda.
The first stage went well, as she observed. She did not even capsize. The weather and the wind showed up from their better side. There was no first confrontation with the feared brown bears. Everyone left enough room.
Returning to Husum is now the opening of her Christmas business and a series of lectures. Plans for 2018 are also well advanced. In March 2018, she goes back to North America. There, Freya Hoffmeister plans to begin a part of the southern half-circle of her circumnavigation for three months. Starting in June, the trip continues for three months to the north. For this challenging part, Freya has already sought and found co-paddlers who will support her. On her way to the north, she  will slowly entering areas where she is no longer dealing with brown or blackbears, but with polar bears.
Freya Hoffmeister has planned for the approximately 50,000 kilometer round trip around the year. But it can also be twelve - depending on how it prevails and how the body plays.

The North Island- here we go

Freya Hoffmeister is in the starting blocks. On March 9, 2017, she goes on to her first stage around North America. First it goes to Vancouver, where she will acclimatise 14 days. On March 25 the start is in Seattle. The first stage will lead the 52-year-old "at least" until Anchorage, Alaska: stately 5000 km, but only one-tenth of the 50,000-kilometer tour.

The first of the fleet of five kayaks is arrived by air in the United States already, the other four are on the road in a container. As she confessed she never prepared so little on a circumnavigation. But white chocolate and an e-Book reader is on board always. The bears, which she can meet on land anywhere cause her the most concerns. A weapon do not come on board: "But bear spray."

Around 100 kilos of equipment the extreme athlete has on board. And - like on her circumnavigations of South America, Australia or New Zealand - Aquapac waterproof bags to protect her electronic and personal equipment.

No. 3 – The North Island: Never Start Stopping – Never Stop Starting

This expedition around North America will be Freya’s third continent and her challenge for the next 8-10 years. It is impossible for her to judge how long it will take to complete.The distance is roughly 50.000 km/ 30.000 miles, to be paddled in blocks of 3-5 months on and off the trip. It's another mind-boggling and insane long distance trip - tougher and longer than Freya’s first and second continent trips combined.

Freya will paddle in two half loops, starting twice in Seattle and finishing twice in New York City. She’ll paddle northwards half of the year’s trip time and southwards the other half. From Canada to Panama - through the North-West Passage and the Panama Canal. Freya will paddle fully inside the big Gulf of Mexico and Bahia California and cross Hudson Bay. No one has circumnavigated this whole continent by kayak before. Will her body hold up? It will be an unsupported expedition mostly paddled solo.

The challenges, despite her vast kayak expedition experience, are impossible to list here – it’s just another continent! Paddling with Black-, Brown-, Grizzly- and Polar bears plus a lot of ice in the north will be new to Freya…is the rest just “business as usual” after her two other continental circumnavigations? The northern sections are only ice free for a few months per year, so paddling in just one direction would extend her circumnavigation by even more years. And age is proceeding with all of us…but “Never stop starting – Never start stopping!” is her motto for her new trip!

Using satellite communication the trip will be documented with daily posts on her website and Facebook pages.

Freya's previous expeditions included record-circumnavigations around South America 2011-2014, Australia 2009, New Zealand South 2007, Iceland 2007 and Ireland 2016. She is the most experienced expedition paddler in the world and has received a range of awards including the "World-Paddle Award", National Geographic's "Adventurer of the Year and the "European Adventurer of the Year" Award.

During all her expeditions Aquapac was on board with its waterproof cases for all kind of electronical or personel equipment.

More informations about her biography on her website

Round Ireland - in record time

Just so around Ireland. That has made Freya Hoffmeister in summer 2016 - almost unnoticed by the public. As almost the sea-kajakerin graduated from this trip in record time: only 43 days she needed. And going around Ireland, she had to fight with the typical weather: sun, rain, headwind or heavy currents. The Irish followed her circumnavigation with much interest. Hardly a landing where she not was attended by Irish or received invitations to eat or sleep.

As already in the circumnavigations of South America, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland, Freya had Aquapacs had on board to protect their electronic and personal equipment from saltwater, rain and other inconveniences of nature.

Freya Hoffmeister: Done!

Freya Hoffmeister has succeeded. Today, on May 1, 2015, she finished her Circle around Sout America by sea kayak by muscle power - as the first human being of the world. And maybe the last ever. She paddled the two last kilometers accompanied by an escort of hundreds of Kayak riders and boats. Then shortly after 12 P.m. local time on the Museum ship of the Argentine Navy with an official reception of the Navy due to be honored.

Three years and eight months after her launch the Husumerin, sponsored by Aquapac for years with waterproof bags for their various rounds of Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, has arrived back in Buenos Aires, the city where she began their adventure on August 30, 2011.

Freya Hoffmeister crossed the waters of twelve countries in four stages. In doing so, she crossed the Equator twice and the Panama Canal. In between, she put breaks and made home leave, about to take care of her mother. Or their two ice cream parlors. Overall, Freya laid back about 27,000 kilometers. She need for the tour around 30 months. During this time the former bodybuilder, gymnast, parachutist, and beauty contest winner spent up to 11 hours a day in a kayak and put back every day on average of approximately 45 kilometers.

And not always everything went smoothly - there have been some critical situations: so a rope of her rudder broke early March right on the water. Freya Hoffmeister could not properly control her kayak the rope patched makeshift - and managed to land and to repair the kayak in a kayak shop.

During her first stage, Hoffmeister circumnavigate Cape Horn – one of the world's most dangerous sailing areas. Here there are treacherous currents, waves of up to 20 meters, as well as strong winds, rain and mist. "There were up to 60 knots of wind. I was quite on me and had to save me ashore", she reported to us. Another challenge was the Panama Canal: A permit to drive, through the Canal was waiting. Secretly, Freya sets her kayak behind the first lock into the Canal and reached the Caribbean using side arms and small channels. In the Carribbean she came to her physical and mental limits. The persistent headwinds started, infections and ulcers did not heal. She broke off, finally, to recover in Germany.

Her 100-pound equipment she had to stow in only 56 inches wide and 5.50 meters long boat. Usually Hoffmeister stayed ashore in her "small red prison", as Freya called her igloo tent. Or local, the Navy or police, who kindly provided accommodation to her. She spent several nights in the boat on the water. In the evening, she wrote in her Internet blog about their experiences.

Update XI: Rio de Janeiro managed

Freya Hoffmeister has managed another milestone of her circumnavigation of South America in a seakayak: Rio de Janeiro. There she spent several days making sightseeing and renew her equipment. Meanwhile, she is on the way to Floranopolis, has already passed Sao Paulo. Day 794 and day 567 on February 28, 2015, she writes in her blog. She made meanwhile nearly 25,000 kilometers, approximately 2000 kilometers before her, until she reaches her starting point Buenos Aires. Mid until end of April 2015 she will be there. At the moment she is progressing well, creating an average of 50 kilometers per day. Also the landings and put out on the sea are much simpler: no longer pull her packed kayak through several hundred meters tideland before reaching solid land.

Update X: "Back to my third job!"

Aquapac dicapac Freya Hoffmeister Aquaman breffo spiderpodium Brasilien Umrundung Südamerika

Freya Hoffmeister is back on the water to make an attack on the next step. And on 19 / 20th October 2014 after further intensive research on wind and currents and the experience of the locals she had to make some decisions on location in Puerto de la Cruz, Brazil, where she had interrupted her last stage. Because: "About 1000 km of strong headwinds between constantly 15-20 knots (only, if I'm lucky...), before the shark infested corner at Recife marks a turning point in wind direction and speed.

When I usually calculate for 1000 km one months of paddling, I expect this time to make less than half the speed - with luck, 15-20 km per day. The counter current will decrease by the distance, but by now it will still be quite noticeable with Sao Luis with 7 m of tidal range being still so close. It is hot as hell here, well over 30 degrees, and humid, but no rain. At least my skin is healed perfectly, my physical condition is ok, I am fattened up to the max to have some reserves, but I have to get a bit more motivation to go through hell before I hit the eaiser and lovely coast south of Recife...same procedure as always!“

Days of decisions

Her first decision: She will not start in Puerto de la Cruz anymore, but is on her way back to Recife to paddle from there towards her starting point Buenos Aires - and to leave a gap of around 1000 km in her circumnavigation.

Her second decision, made on the way back to Recife: From Recife she will paddle up the east coast of Brazil to Puerto de Campos. Without gap, with the wind and the current from behind.                      

The third decision: When she reaches Puerto de la Cruz, estimated around the end of November, she will return to Recife and paddle down the south coast from there. Probably with a new kayak that will have been shipped by then to Recife.  

Summer break?

„I spent the whole long five months of my summer break quite productive by upgrading and updating my two ice cream shops and rebuilding my x-mas shop in Husum. Mentally, it's always a big change to be back to one or the other job. Fortunately I still like all three of them! Physically, I have recovered easy from the paddling stress, to go directly into the "shifting boxes" stress by loading and decorating the about 50 single shelves in my x-mas shop.“

I'm also hoping my loved, but eventually quite weak and frail 89-old mother is holding up, until I am back home. She is in hospital quite often now. I had a hard time to leave her as I was also looking after her quite intense the last months.

Update IX: "Mentally fully burnt out"

Aquapac dicapac Freya Hoffmeister Aquaman breffo spiderpodium

Under permanent headwind and against the current, which partially thrown her back on a trip distance of 14 kilometres, along endless mangrove forests with possible landing points in mud and silt, overnight stay only in hammocks because of the swampy ground, skin infections and then a diarrhea as well. That makes you exhausted, even if essential goals of the fourth stage such as the passage of the Amazon delta are managed. On 26 April 2014 it has happened. Freya Hoffmeister wrote on day 667 of her circumnavigation of South America:

"No paddling today despite reasonable wind. Diarrhea making me even more weak than I already was, plus being mentally fully burnt out made me deciding to take my long home break NOW. I will even have to paddle back tomorrow to reach a reasonable pick up city (Port Luis, Brazil)...I will be back on the trip in a few months!"

Have a good rest Freya!

VIII: Freya is progressing well, with obstacles

Aquapac dicapac Freya Hoffmeister Aquaman breffo spiderpodium
One of Freya's campgrounds, in the background the missile base in Kourou, French Guiana.

Since the beginning of January 2014 Freya Hoffmeister is back on the water to master the next leg of her South America circumnavigation. Venezuela, Suriname and French Guiana are almost behind her. In mid-February she will cross the border to Brazil. In recent days, the wind and current were good for her. Up to 50 km, she could do a day, far more than the stage before. Again and again she has to fight with large silt fields that keep her far from the coast. Only now and then there are channels to the country, which are so flat that she could hardly come ashore. So the adventuress already had to "sleep" several nights in her sea kayak. Mid-May, she wants to end this stage.

Update VII: Recover bum and skin

Aquapac Aquaman Freya Hoffmeister Südamerika wasserdichte Tasche
Extrem situation for Freya and our 668: through thick mud of rests of plants she has to struggle to get to the beach somewhere in Venezuela.

On day 560 of her journey Freya Hoffmeister arrived early November 2013 in Georgetown, Guyana. There the extreme sportswoman originally wanted to arrive at her circumnavigation of South America in early May. Because of heat, headwinds and pestering insects on land she had shortened the stage at that time. And now that skin and seating problems have been added, she took her scheduled downtime earlier and flew home to Husum over Christmas to relax. In early January, she will continue.

Freya has paddled 17,781 km so far, about 7800 kilometers lie ahead of her on the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she had started in September 2011. Of the 560 days, Freya, who is sponsored by Aquapac-Aquaman Deutschland GmbH, has spent 394 days on the water: an average of 45.13 km per paddling day.

Update VI: Continuing against wind and currents:

Aquapac Freya Hoffmeister wasserdicht Tasche Südamerika
The start of the third trap of Freya wasn't that easy as it looks like ...

Freya Hoffmeister is back on the water, on the 3rd Stage of her adventure "Around South America". On 16 August 2013 she launched her sea kayak and paddles now along the Gulf of Venezuela. With the same constant headwind and the same steady heat, which let her go on holiday in early May 2013. "The next four months again against the wind", she wrote in her blog: "Carribean Fun Could look different." But: After several months break she feels strong enough to overcome this challenge as well.

Still approximately 10,000 kilometers are staring her in the face to Buenos Aires, Argentina where on 30 August 2011 the South American circumnavigation began. And the challenges are still great: 2200 miles to Georgetown, Guyana, where she initially wanted to arrive in spring 2013. And then down the Atlantic Coast: Where she has to paddle against the northeast and southeast trade winds. And against the Caribbean and the South Equatorial Current.

We wish you a lot of tailwind and enough power.

Update V: The northern point of South America - and off on vacation

Freya Hoffmeister had already reached the southernmost and the westernmost point of South America. On 3 May 2013 the northernmost point followed: Punta Gallinas, Colombia. On day 472 she reached that goal. But that was it almost for the second stage. Because for 8 Mai the extreme paddler has booked the flight back to Germany. On the 2nd Stage she will no longer paddle to the original planned destination Georgetown in Guyana, which would still mean some 2300 kilometers of track.

Freya with this change of her plans responds to the heat in the Caribbean and the constant headwind of East trade winds, which has worn her down noticeably in recent weeks. Her mileage in parts went back to around 30 kilometers a day, where she managed 50 kilometers or more otherwise. To avoid the heat of the day she began her stages at night around one o'clock to be off the water at eleven. She hardly found sleep during the day: insects stung, it was too hot in the tent. And she did not have the desire any longer to make photos. So leave and regenerate.

Which will take until August, 14th. Then it goes on in two stages and not as previously planned in one. Instead of reaching the starting point Buenos Aires on her 50th Birthday on 10 May 2014, it will probably be end of 2014 until Freya can complete the circumnavigation of South America. 'Nonstop' anyway was never spoken of by the strong woman ...

Happy Holidays!

Update IV: First Cape Horn - now the Panama Canal:

AQuapac wasserdicht Tasche Freya Hoffmeister Suedamerika
Freya Hoffmeister is sponsored by Aquapac to protect her electronical equipment.

Freya Hoffmeister handled a substantial part of her second stage around South America: the Panama Canal. No more rough Pacific waves under the keel, but the blue waters of the Caribbean. Getting from one side to the other, was an adventure. Because getting the authorities' permission to paddle the Panama Canal protracted. On a whim, she decided to bypass the "permission" with the help of friends. Shortly behind the first big lock behind Panama City, the kayak was launched. Using side arms and channels she paddled the Rio Chagres into the Caribbean - undetected and without difficulty.

Waiting for Freya in the Caribbean: The constant trade winds with four to five knots. Pure headwind which one day forced her to cancel a started stage and to return to the starting point. For security reasons her blog is updated with two days delay, landing points are not specified.
Freya is now 428 days under way (18 March 2013) and has nearly 14,000 kilometers behind. In front of her are still 3,100 km until the end of the 2nd Stage: Georgetown Guyana.

And the material suffers: On 25 March 2013 Freya mailed us: "Would it be possible for you to send me some new Aquapacs to Colombia? I've actually repaired all several times, and it would be nice to have reliable ones again. Facing my strain they do not last forever, unfortunately" New Aquapac cases of course went straight on journey ...

Furthermore good luck!

Update III: Freya Hoffmeister finished the first leg

Aquapac Freya Hoffmeister Ankunft Valparaiso
The "unofficial" arrival of Freya Hoffmeister at Valparaiso at the end of the first leg of her trip round South America

Freya Hoffmeister has done it again. She has completed the first leg of her South America circumnavigation. On 3 May 2012, she landed at 18.45 clock in the port of Valparaiso - after 247 days and 7676 km. Congratulations!

The big shindig with spectators and the press was cancelled for the extreme athlete came a day earlier than expected. The reason was to high waves, which made ??it impossible to land at her original landing site. Spontaneously, she paddled further and reached Valparaiso. Where again there were troubles in landing. Finally the Chilean Navy helped. They heaved Freya's Kayak on a zodiac, which was then dragged over concrete steps on land. All safe in the harbor.

"Ick bün all do," said the Husum girl in the broadest Low German accent at the end of the first stage which has offered plenty of highlights so far. Like the rounding of Cape Horn under extreme wind and weather conditions on New Year's Day.

The official landing was celebrated one day later, with lots of officals and the press. In the next few days it goes back to Husum, where her son has priority. But then also the preparation for the second stage, which is going on in fall. Another 16,000 kilometers are staring Freya Hoffmeister in the face ...

Update II, 1 April 2012, 215th Day of the circumnavigation of South America:

Freya Hoffmeister meanwhile has the 215th Day of her South America circumnavigation on the clock. She has reached the Canal Chacao and thus fought up the Chilean coast very high. And again saw a lot and met nice people: be it Germans, who were glad to be able to supply her, icebergs from calving glaciers, huge waterfalls, secluded beaches, where she stayed over night or carcasses of dead whales that drifted in the flood. And of course: wind, water, waves ...

The world accompanies her on her tour. Almost 5000 followers on Facebook speak a language of its own. In a magazine she has been described as "groundbreaking globetrotter" and has been filed in the category "10 strong women who travel and change the world".

More at:

Update I: Freya Hoffmeister 'round Cape Hoorn - on new years day 2012

freya Hoffmeister Aquapac Südamerika Kap Hoorn
Curious seals: Who is there?
Aquapac Freya Hoffmeister Kap Hoorn Südamerika
Landing point on Isla Decait: 120 km/h and Freya managed it to land.

Freya Hoffmeister has achieved a very important milestone in her circumnavigation of South America: Cape Horn. On New Year's Day 2012, the 47-year-old landed her kayak on the island of Isla Hornos, the southernmost island of the Chilean mainland. Two days later, the Husum girl, which is sponsored by Aquapac Germany since years with waterproof bags, put in on the Isla Wollaston at the local navy station. She completed the circumnavigation of Cape Horn, which is known as one of the most dangerous seas in the world due to constant storms, strong currents, fog, rain and wind speeds in hurricane strength.
Experiences that Freya Hoffmeister made firsthand. With up to 150 kilometers per hour wind speed as she only became aware after she paddled with her nut shell over the open water, with great difficulty reached a rocky beach on Isla Deceit: "Somehow and unharmed," as she writes in her blog. There in a storm she waited in a small tent for better weather, to get back on the water. What was at first impossible. The constant noise of the up to 5 foot rolling in waves mentally exhausted her. Sleep and food were unthinkable. The next day the wind finally decreased a bit. One of the four options checked seemed "80 percent" sure enough to come back on the water.

What finally succeeded. Another eleven kilometers to paddle, then she reached the landing site on the Isla Horno, the most southern island of the cape, where cruise tourists go ashore. Finally a New Year's Day meal with all the bells and whistles, no noise and dry clothes. And a hot shower! And a safe way to cast off for the next island. Now it's back to Puerto Williams, the administrative center of Tierra del Fuego. And then further counterclockwise up the Chilean coast to Valparaiso, the destination of her first stage.

Freya Hoffmeister to circumnavigate South America - alone and in a sea kayak

freya Hoffmeister Aquapac South America
Freya Hoffmeister: "Aquapacs never abandoned me."

Extreme paddler Freya Hoffmeister seeks new targets: Australia is not enough. After her record-tour around the fifth continent the Husum entrepreneur will start out this year - and go around South America. She will paddle 22,000 km - alone. And again, she will protect her personal and electronic equipment from water, sand and dust with Aquapacs. Hoffmeister: "Aquapacs have never left me in the lurch around Australia."

In September 2011, Freya Hoffmeister, arguably world's most famous sea kayaker, started her trip to become the first person to paddle the entire coast line of the South American continent. The 47-year-old business owner from Husum, Germany started in Buenos Aires/ Argentina in the middle of the East Coast.

Paddling clockwise, she will head South on the Atlantic Ocean towards Cape Horn. Freya will round the Cape plus the southernmost big island of South America, Tierra del Fuego. Heading north again she'll be travelling through the beautiful Fjordlands of Patagonia/ Chile on the Pacific coast. Freya will end her first stage in Valparaiso, the main harbor just off Santiago de Chile, having paddled roughly 8,000 km in eight months. In between legs she plans to return to Husum for some time to spend with her 15-year-old son and attend to her two ice cream shops and a Christmas shop.

Starting again in September 2012, Freya will head north along the West Coast along the mountainous countries of Peru and Ecuador. After crossing the equator, she'll pass Colombia, paddles through the Panama Canal,  along the rest of Columbia, through Venzuela and end the second stage in Georgetown, Guyana, after another 8,000 km and about eight months of paddling.

Stage three picks up again in September 2013 and takes her past the tropical countries of Suriname, Guayane, Brazil and Uruguay and back south to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She will finish the last 8,000 km stage just in time for her 50th birthday in May 2014.

In all, she'll have paddled along 12 countries, traveled as far south as the 50th latitude and as far north as the 10th, and crossed the equator twice.

The trip around the world's fourth-largest continent will be her fourth big adventure.

"South America has always been my dream," says Hoffmeister.

The challenges on the South American trip are great. "Part of the tour is in the rainy season," says Hoffmeister. "It's not perfect, but who knows: Maybe one looks forward to a tropical shower" Further south, towards Tierra del Fuego, it is expected to be noticeably cooler. Hoffmeister wants to set up a base camp - probably in Chile - from which equipment and clothing items can be sent to her.

Freya Hoffmeister in 2009 circled Australia in her kayak - 13,790 km in 332 days. Thus she was one month faster than the only man who mastered the tour 28 years earlier. On the track she once was sitting eight days in a row in the boat when she paddled nearly 600 km across the Gulf of Carpentaria. The coastline would have cost her weeks (see below).

As on her tour around Australia she will write down her experiences again. You will read it again at this point. Or click:

Freya Hoffmeister 2009: Race around Australia is done!!!

freya Hoffmeister Aquapac Deutschland

Congratulations Freya!!!! Freya Hoffmeister has done it: Today (15th of december 2009) the German sea kajaker finished her race around Australia. 14000 kilometers of paddling around the fifth continent. At noon she landed at Queenscliff close to Melbourne where  she has started on the 18th of January. In one of her first interviews she said: " I am happy. And I am tired. I am happy not to be paddling any more, but it was worth the risk."

Freya is supported by Aquapac-Aquman Germany with waterproof cases for the safety of all her electronic equipment for years now.

If you wanna have a look on a video of her arrival, please  click

Race around Australia: Freya Hoffmeister will land on tuesday, 15th of december

Freya Hoffmeister Aquapac Germany

German seakayaker Freya Hoffmeisters race around Australia in a year is finished nearly. On tuesday 15th she will land at  Queenscliff at the Victorian Seakayak-Clubs close to Melbourne where she started here race around the fifth continent on january 18th 2009. 332 days she has been on her way, 245 days of paddling. And she will be the first woman who ever made this circumnavigation. And - after Paul Caffyn New Zealand (361days/257 paddling days) - the second human who has ever done it. Freya is supported by Aquapac Germany with waterproof cases for the safety of all her electronic equipment for years now.

14000 kilometers of paddling are in the arms of Freya, a former "Miss Germany": attacked by a shark or close to the "salties";  being on sea for eight days without landing; paddling along cliffs for days withou any chance to land or  surrounding Cape Leeuwin at the west coast of Australia where waves of eight meters clashed against the rocks. Unbelievable what she has done. She has reached borders.

Nearly every australian knows her name right now. And her name is on the most important landmarks to remember who passed it. And there are not to many names on the plates!

The last days there were blowing heavy tailwinds.  She paddled around 80 kilometers a day.  For her arrival there is arranged a big party already. The media is waiting for her. And also a huge crowd of Australians who want to see the woman who surrounded their continent.

That`s what she wrote in her blog on saturday 12th of december:

"It looks like I'm having three days of padling left. My arrival day at Caffyn's Cove in Queenscliff, Melbourne will probably be Tuesday, 15th, before slack tide around noon. Everybody is very much welcome to join me to paddle to Caffyn's Cove the last few km from Point Lonsdale.

The VSKC is so kind to organize plenty of media on the spot. They organize a Q&A talk with the final Melbourne party on Wednesday, 15th.

Please check on the VSKC website for details. I'll be giving another talk in Sydney on Saturday, 19th.

Organized by Mark Sundin, Expedition Kayaks. Details on his website.

I'll be flying home on Sunday, 20th, 4.35pm from Sydney via Singapore. I'll arrive in Germany, Hamburg airport on Monday, 21st, 10.30 from London, BA 0964"

Posted under Australia, Stage 15: Victor Harbour - Queenscliff 

Which Aquapac cases are on board of Freya Hoffmeisters kayak:

All of the electronical equipment of Freya Hoffmeister like VHF,  GPS, Cellphone, camera or maps are packed in the waterproof cases of Aquapac Germany. The cases made its job very well, as Freya Hoffmeister wrote in a mail. During her trip we send her some new ones, while some get damaged during very rough landings. Here a message of Freya to pur company:

"Hallo Petra,

Aquapacs allover my luggage, vielen Dank! Und jeder bewundert, (oder bedauert?) die vielen electronics, die ich so mitführen muss, aber sie werden täglich ziemlich hard benutzt! Der large whanganui case ist meine Kartentasche, die täglich auf meinem Deck ist. Die leckt inzwischen irgendwie, ich kann nicht herausfinden, wo und wie. Ich könnte eine oder zwei neue gebrauchen! Und die large VHF classic hält mein Motorola-Satelliten Telefon, das wird auch ordentlich täglich strapaziert und hat schon mehrere reparierte Lecks. Ein oder zwei neue wäre fein!

Vielen Dank!!!


Freya Hoffmeister Aquapac Germany

Race around Australia: Freya Hoffmeister on the final stage!!

One week left and german kajaker Freya Hoffmeister finished her race around Australia. She will be the first woman who ever surrounded the fifth continent in a kajak and the second human being ever.  She ist on her final stage right now, on the 10th of december (day 326) she reached Brown Bay, just a week away from where she startet on the 18th of january 2009: Queenscliff close to Melbourne. The Australians nearly could not believe what is happening right now. The blog of freya who is supported by Aquapac Germany with dust- und waterproof cases for years, is full of comments.

Good luck on the last miles

The whole Aquapac-Team

Who wants to know what is going on:


Freya Hoffmeister is a german sea-kajaker ( who made some really astonishing trips the last few years. She paddled around Iceland in June and July 2007: 1620 km in 33 days, 25 days on sea. An average of 65 km a day. That’s a new record.

Three months later the extrem-kajakerin was on the other side of the world. In 47 stages and 2386 km she finished: She was the first women ever surrounding New Zealand. The third paddler how ever made this trip and only the fifth who tried it.
But not enough: Right now (november 2009) she is on her way to surround Australia. Christmas she started in Melbourne, one year later she will land in Melbourne again. If she makes it she will be the first woman who ever done this trip. And the second human being who ever done it. If you want to know how it is going  just have a look on her page. She updates it whenever it is possible.
Good luck!!
Aquapac is sponsoring her different trips with different cases for gps, phone, vhf-radio or waterproof cases for her personal belongings. Her comment: “It works fine. No problems!!”
Freya Hoffmeister Aquapac Germany

Freya Hoffmeister Aquapac Germany