Noatak Wet & Dry Bag: 15, 25, 35 or 60 liter
Details: 15 Liter, 25 Liter, 35 Liter or 60 Liter Grey and orange adjustable straps to wear it as a backpack or shoulderbag. Or just as a bag. Lashtab to tie down to to canoe, bike or raft. Ideal for SUP riding, for the dinghy or for swimming to the beach. middle-sheet for separate storage of wet and dry items. manufactured from lightweight TPU-coated fabrics. welded seams. a classic 3-roll seal for complete waterproofing to IPX6 (that´s fire-hose proof!). weight: only 342 gram, 392 gram, 450 gram or 520 gram. Content not included in the delivery.

NEW! Medium Electronic /e-Book Reader foamed
Ideal for protecting small essential items and electronical equipment in all weather conditions Now newly equipped with foam back. For more comfortable holding in the hand. Submersible down to ten meters. fits for e-Book Readers like the Kindle Fire or tablets like the iPad mini™, Galaxy Tab with a screen up to 7,5''. Touchscreen works through the foil!* And all other features too. The UV-stabilized TPU material won't be broken down or discoloured by sunlight Guaranteed submersible to 33ft / 10m and keeps dust and sand out Lenzflex-foil on the back for clear pictures or videos, even under water It will float safely if dropped in water Supplied with: in cool grey with an adjustable acid green neck cord so you can hang or tie it anywhereContent not included in the delivery             * Underwater a touch screen does not work in general. Photo release therefore is possible only by key. Our tip: please download the app "Cameringo" or a comparable Apple App that allows underwater photo release on the volume button. For videos, you can switch the function above the water line.

Upano™ waterproof Duffels
Upano™ waterproof duffels:  Aquapacs range of duffels How does it work? Of course waterproof to IPX 6 For travel, rafting, sup, camping, sailing or outdoor tours In 3 sizes: 40 liters, 70 liters or 90 liters Absolutely lightweight: 546 grams, 716 grams or 876 grams Padded, removable shoulder strap Compression straps and  air-release valve for easy packing - squeeze the air out as you roll it closed There is an ID pocket on one end of the bag where you can if you want put your contact details. This is accessed from inside the bag. So it too is waterproof. in cool gray, black and orange. Be visible when you are traveling.Scope of delivery: The duffle in your chosen size: 40, 70 or 90 litres in cool grey, black and orange with shoulder strap with roll-up closure systemContent not included in the delivery. Why Upano? The Upano is a river of Ecuador. It runs from the sierra to the depths of the Amazon. The river is mainly used locally for fishing, as well as rafting and kayaking.

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TrailProof™ Drybags & shoulder strap
TrailProof™ waterproof Drybags:  Aquapacs new range of drybags with shoulder strap: These are tough and simple drybags which allow you to pack and go, wherever you need to go Of course waterproof to IPX 6 In 4 sizes: 7 liters, 15 liters, 25 liters or 70 liters In two colours: acid-green or cyan-blue For travel, rafting, camping, sailing, expeditions and outdoor tours lightweight: 243g; 375g; 457g or 776g They are made from tough 500D vinyl to withstand all the knocks that you experience on the trail or on the boat flat bottom It is really simple to seal these drybags, just roll the top down 3 times. The bright colour in acid green or cyan blue means you can easily spot your gear amongst everyone else's, and it reduces how hot they'll get if left out in the sun.Scope of delivery: The drybag in your chosen size: 7, 15, 25 or 70 90 liters in cool Acid green or cyan blue with roll-up closure systemContent not included in the delivery.

DiCAPac waterproof Document Pouch, Multifunctional bag, medium
Details: 100% waterproof case for all larger smartphones with a screen diagonal of up to 5 inches, such as the i-Phone X. And of course smartphones of comparable size from other manufacturers.  submersible up to 3 metres. Tested according to IPX8. You make calls through the clear film of the front panel Reception (also Bluetooth), talking, listening, ring tone, GPS signal, operation and also touch screen are no problem through the foil. Clear film window on the back. This allows you to take photos underwater with the mobile phone camera.* Secure and reliable closure system with both zip closure and double roll-in Velcro closure. The UV-stabilised PVC material (TPVC) does not become brittle or yellow when exposed to sunlight. The bag also protects against dust and sand. And also against sunscreen. Dimensions largest possible fitting device: 148mm high, 170mm circumference. Outer dimensions: 162mm x 95 mm. in two colours: black and white with lanyard in black or white Weight: 40g. Also OEM possible with corresponding purchase quantity. Please contact us. Supplied with: It comes with an neckcord so you can hang it round your neck in the color of your choiceContent not included.           ** A touchscreen usually doesn't work underwater. Photo release therefore only is possible via buttons. In the settings of the operating systems, the photo release function can be placed on the loud/quiet button of the device. For videos, you can switch on the function above the water line.

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