Specialized shops are our benchmark. Without you Aquapac wouldn´t be what it is today - a well-known international brand, selling their products in over 60 countries around the world. That is why we support and protect our dealers.

Are you a specialized dealer with your own real shop in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and want to sell Aquapacs? Or our other waterproof brands like Aryca, Breffo Spiderpodium, Spotlight or Nitestik?

Please contact us. Email us with your trade number or a copy of your company registration: lichtenberg@aquapac.de. We will call you and once we have approved you as a dealer,  we will send you catalogues and a price list.

If you are not sure, which Aquapacs or other cases will sell best?  For example: if you order ten mobile phone cases, we will send you a mixture what will sell best in your store from our experience

Our Aquapac-Workbook

Our Aryca-Workbook

Our Breffo-Spiderpodium Workbook

Our Spotlight-Workbook

Our Nitestik-Flyer

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