VDWSWhoever wants to be a surf-teacher in germany must be well educated and trained. That’s the reason why Aquapac is official Sponsor of the Master-Team  of the VDWS, the association of all German Windsurf- and Watersports-Schools. Their about 30 instructors are highly qualified. Who wants to get to this team must be a very good teacher and surfer too. During their courses they use Aquapacs for their vhf or mobile to teach the news ones directly on the water: to tell them what was right or what was wrong.
The VDWS-Masterteam is equiped with sport-scientists, teachers, authors, testdrivers and other surfers with a lot of practice. The teams: Windsurfing Ausbilderteam International, Specialteam Ausbilderteam Schulsport, Kitesurfing Ausbilderteam International. And for the sailing-sector: Catamaran Ausbilderteam International, Sailing Workgroup und Yachting Workgroup.

Have a look on the homepage: www.vdws.de