BerndBernd Flessner is the german windsurfer for two decades now. He is living on the North-Sea island Norderney and is 39 years right now. In 2008 he was elected “Surfer of the Year” once again. His successes: 13 times german champion, 12 times winner of the german windsurf-cup, first place series-board during the world-championship 1996 on Norderney and in the Top Ten of the world since 1991.
For years Aquapac is sponsoring Bernd Flessner and supports him with everything, so that his equipment on board will not get wet. As he said: “It is a lot of fun cruising with a speed of 70 km through the waves of the North-Sea and listen to your favourite music. For the boring slalom-training, it is really a welcome diversion. I recommend Aquapac.”

On 15 August 2011 he finally realized one of his major projects, after in recent years the weather conditions had again and again thwarted his plans at the planned dates: the crossing of the German Bight from Norderney to Sylt with a detour via Helgoland - as many as about 140 kilometers on the surfboard. Together with accompanying boats and a helicopter he set off on Monday morning - and reached Hörnum on Sylt four hours later: with a torn sail and a wounded leg caused by a fin. He made only one break, ate two bananas and drank one and a half liter of liquid. And he complained of too little wind strengths, which had cost him too much force at the beginning. To get an impression here's a Link ...

"Round Norderney" with the German windsurfing elite:

Aquapac wasserdichte Tasche Norderney Bernd Flessner surfen waterproof
Waiting for the Wind: "Round Norderney 2012", sponsored by, among others Aquapac.

Aquapac wasserdichte Tasche Norderney Bernd Flessner surfen waterproof
Bernd Flessner with the armband case Pro Sports Mini: "'Round Norderney" was pure fun. We will continue in 2013. "

Bernd Flessner wouldn't be a real Norderney guy if he didn't take care of his home island. Therefore, now the summer of 2012 was ready to implement a new idea: Round Norderney. An event to which the German windsurfing elite was invited to circumnavigate the island in three days. And on the first weekend in August, virtually all the top names in surf sports came, such as the current German champion Sebastian Kördel. All played along - except one: the wind. One race could be started, but had to be canceled because the wind fell asleep. So "Round Norderney" was three days without scoring run. The winner finally was determined by paddling on a surfboard and other fun sports. What did not detract the mood of the athletes, sponsors and spectators. 2013 there will be a new edition.

When Aquapac was asked to be a sponsor there, it was clear: We are. All competitors were equipped by us with waterproof armband cases to transmit the intermediate results into the start-finish area by GPS and mobile phone. Which unfortunately was not necessary for reasons mentioned above ... No matter: we will be there again in 2013.

The Event on TV

No longer international:

Aquapac wasserdicht Tasche Bernd Flessner Norderney
Bernd Flessner (left) checking the results of Round Norderney 2013

For 25 years Bernd Flessner has been competing on national and international regattas. Since German Windsurf Championships are hosted, he has always been on the podium. At the international level, he is in the top ten of the world rankings since 1991.

That is over now. In the context of "Around Norderney" in mid-August Bernd Flessner has announced on his home island to withdraw from the international surf sports. "I will still compete at The World Cup on Sylt in October, then it is over internationally," Bernd Flessner said in an interview. Nationally he will go on. And he already announced to enter "Around Norderney" again in 2014.

More about the former world champion: