The project:

"A man, a river, an adventure": So is the title ofa film project of a young film teams of students of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, a diploma project, which is on its way since May 2015. In July, the shooting will be finished, the film released in May 2016.

The Danube:

If Brussels is the “head” of Europe, then, the Danube is her "soul": links to more than 2,800 kilometers in length and separates ten nations - the Danube, making it a lifeline, border and unique cultural landscape in Europe. Robin Wucher studied television journalism and want to explore the lifestyle along the Danube. For this he will travel the Danube from the source to the mouth - as a hitchhiker on the water. For example, on a stand-up paddleboard. Where the waterproof pockets of Aquapac come into play: for his equipment, but also the team. Through this unusual way of traveling, the director receives a very special sight into the lives of people who meet him on the road. He wants to understand what the river in the lives of these people means and how along the Danube the mentality and way of life changes.

Possible protagonists:

Monika Merkle, who has revived her snails breeding an old tradition, while the "Swabian oyster" is shipped over the Danube in gourmet restaurants in Vienna or Budapest.
Abbot Thomas, who heads the monastery Weltenburgg, and there operates the second oldest brewery in the world. The life of the monks is  in stark contrast to the tourist masses who occupy the monastery economy on the banks, especially in summer.
Ceylan Turgey who works during the summer as a waiter at Vienna's most famous Badeschiff.
Martin Strel, who at the end of the Yugoslav wars became the first man who swam the Danue from the source to the mouth. He wanted to send a signal for peace and reconciliation between the Danube countries.
Zeljka Cuk, who had to witness the battle for Vukuvar as a child. She grew up in ruins and is now involved as a social worker for the reconciliation between Serbs and Croats.
Marko Nastic, who is a well known DJ in Belgrade. For him and his generation, the Yugoslav wars are a closed chapter. They want to see their city as a modern metropolis and Serbia as part of the EU. That the hottest clubs are in former bunkers is a sign of this new time for them.
Todor Gospodinov, the son of a keeper of the notorious penal camp Belene, a prison island in the Danube. Their residents much prefer to talk about the completion of the Belene nuclear power plant as about the history of this island.

The Team:

Donaureiter2 (427x640)

All young students of the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. Through the cooperation with the SWR and Dr. Joachim Lang they have a time slot for "a man, a river, an adventure" safe already.
Directed by Robin Wuchter
Camera: Christian Scheunert
Producer: Vanessa Richter & Felix Fahle

The sponsor:
We support the project with our waterproof bags for Robin Wuchter who will travel on the waterway and must protect his electronic and personal equipment from water. Also, the film crew sets with his cameras, microphones or smartphones and tablets on our bags, or duffels.

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