The athlets

Thomas Dambietz and Florian Seiler are two young athletes (born in 1994 and 1992) from the Erlanger Triathlon Bundesliga team of the TV 1848 Erlangen. Both will start in 2016 in the Challenge Roth for the age group M20.

Five years they are active in the triathlon, starting from  several Volks-Triathlon over Olympic distances to the long distance, the Supreme discipline of Triathlon Sports.

Their goals are a target time of the Sub9 (competition time less than nine hours and extra highlighted startup group) and a top 3 placing in the age group.

The Successes

The past successes of the duo are 1st and 2nd place in the age of the middle distance Linz and a 3rd place in the German age group Championship in the long distance in Roth with her League team in the 2nd Bundesliga in 2014, 2015.

Florian studied Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Thomas medicine so that they focus not only on sports. Nevertheless, they use their leisure for the outdoors  orlike to go hiking or climbing, because the Franconian Switzerland offers excellent opportunities for this as home turf. In winter in bad weather, they sometimes rise on the mountain bike. At the end of the season, sometimes sailing or wind surfing brought compensation.

Aquapac assists them with waterproof bags: for the electronic devices or for the storage of training and competition equipment.

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