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Product information "NEW! Smartphone plus-plus"
  • for the brand new iPhone Pro Max™* or S23 ultra or Note™* or previous models which you protect with a bumper like the Otter Box. Or comparable smartphones of other brands.
  • You can make and take calls right through the foil. And th GPS signal is also unaffected.
    How does it work?

  • Even your touchscreen works.
  • And even the homebutton of the iPhone or Face ID. The fingerprint ID do not work through the foil. Yo need your password
  • It'll float with your phone/GPS in it.
  • It's guaranteed submersible to 30 feet (10 meters).
  • We've added a LENZFLEX window on the back, which means that if you have a camera-phone you'll be able to take photos right through the case.**
  • The UV-stabilized TPU material won't be broken down or discoloured by sunlight.
  • in three colors: gray with gray levers, green foil with gray clamp and blue levers or black foil with black clamp and orange levers.
  • It keeps out dust and sand too.

Supplied with:

  • It comes in our green TPU-foil.
  • It comes with an adjustable neckcord so you can hang it round your neck.
  • Content not included in the delivery.


* iPad, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
** Underwater, a touch screen does not work normally. Photo triggering is therefore only possible via buttons. In the settings of the operating systems, the photo-triggering function can be placed on the device's volume-silent button. For videos, you can turn on the function above the waterline.

Compare the inner size our Smartphone-Cases*:

Aquapac wasserdicht Tasche iPhone Aquapac iPhone Tasche wasserdicht

Art.-No 098: iPhone 4 / Smartphone-Case, screensize up to 4,2''l

Art.-No. 108 iPhone 5 / Smartphone-Case, screensize up to 4,4'' Art.-No. 358: Small Electronic, screensize up to 6,3'' for iPhone or Galaxy S Art.-No. 368: Smartphone plus-plus, for Pro, Max,, Ultra or Note


The indications above depend on the thickness of the device. In case you use a bumper please do not forget to include it when measuring.

choose your color:: green

The Smartphone plus plus™ GPS Case  fits larger smartphones, older phones or GPS models which are protected with a bumper like the Otter Box. It's the largest size of our range of 5 different sizes of phone/GPS cases. To make sure you choose the right case check out our Size Guide.


maximum size of your smartphone to fit in the case


To be sure that your device fits, please measure and compare.

We do our best to keep our size guide up to date but of course manufacturers are bringing out new models all the time. If you know something we don't, please feel free to Tell Us about it!

The IPX-norm

Aquapac ipx8

Swimming and snorkeling: Our submersible range is all guaranteed to IPX8, which means continuous immersion under conditions of the manufacture`s choice. Imperial`s testing is to the equivalent of 10m/30ft for 1 hour.

What keeps water, sand & dust out?

Aquapac IPX8

The patented Aquaclip® seals the case - with a simple twist of a couple of levers. It's been tested to the toughest international waterproofing standards. If you haven't seen one before, read our quick guide to the Aquaclip.

How have you improved this case recently?

2008 sees us going '100% PVC-Free'. Our new material (TPU) offers a number of advantages:

  • It's softer and more malleable. Making it even easier to operate your PDA or Smartphone controls through the material.
  • It'll perform much better if you want to take it somewhere really cold. It'll still be soft and malleable at -40º and below.
  • It has a greater tensile strength, meaning it's even more difficult to tear or rip apart.
  • We've added optically-clear LENZFLEX windows to the back making the Aquapac cameraphone-friendly.

Supplied with:

  • It comes in our grey TPU-foil.
  • It comes with an adjustable neckcord so you can hang it round your neck.

What does shipping cost?

  • We ship your order in our online store by DHL or Deutsche Post.
  • The shipping costs are independent of the quantity as well as the weight of the ordered goods.
  • The shipping costs are shown depending on the country of delivery in the order process. More information here.
  • We ship in Germany and Europe including Switzerland.

How long does the shipping take?

  • Germany: 1 to 2 working days
  • Austria, Switzerland and BeNeLux: 2 to 4 working days
  • Rest of Europe: 3 to 7 working day
  • All shipping methods are traceable. Please ask us if it should take longer. If you order online, you will receive a shipping notification by email within one business day.

The Medium Phone/iPhone6 plus™ GPS Case (code 128) fits will fit older phones and GPS models and Smartphones. It's the second largest size of our range of 5 different sizes of phone/GPS cases. To make sure you choose the right case check out our Size Guide.


Aquapac 128 Smartphone iPhone6 plus wasserdicht Tasche Aquapac 128 Smartphone iPhone6 plus wasserdicht Tasche
maximum size that fits in the case outer size flat

We do our best to keep our size guide up to date but of course manufacturers are bringing out new models all the time. If you know something we don't, please feel free to Tell Us about it!

Have you ever lost a phone to water damage? If not, you've been really lucky… so far! Depending on who you talk to, something between 10% and 25% of all mobile phones end up ruined by water. And that's in the general population, half of whom rarely get off the couch! If you're the active-in-the-Great-Outdoors type and you need to take your phone with you then the odds are seriously stacked against its surviving very long. Unless the phone is already 100% waterproof (is yours?) Or unless you protect it inside a 100% waterproof Aquapac.

If like a lot of people nowadays the only reason you take your phone with you in the first place is as a safety device - so you can call for help if you get into trouble - isn't it doubly important that you can trust it to work when you need it to? Check out some of the customer testimonials lower down this page and read some real-life examples of Aquapacs saving lives.

Once your phone is safely tucked up inside the Aquapac you'll be able to take it and use it wherever you want to go and whatever you like to get up to.

What our customers say:

"My husband works for a marina and I purchased one of these for him after he dropped his last phone in the lake. Ever since, he has someone always coming up to him and ask him where he got it. Boating time is getting near and I would like to put some in the ships store."

Susan DiGiovanni, USA

What the Press say:

"If - like me - you feel the need to take a phone with you into the hills, you'll need something to keep that dastardly water off. And this does the job brilliantly. It opens at the top using an extravagant-looking swing-clip mechanism that is deceptively simple to open and chunky enough to be thick winter gloves-friendly... It's waterproof to 15ft and floats, and it's part of an extensive range. What's not to like?"

Used & Abused, Trail Magazine

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Our rustproof carabiners have a multitude of uses, and are particularly handy for attaching our cases to canoes, kayaks, motorbikes, etc.. Recommended for use with all Aquapac cases.Key Features:made from anodized aluminium.suitable for attachning cases to your pack, belt or anything you like.Safety Warning!: NOT for climbing. Suitable for carrying weights up to 2 kg.

Puncture Pads TPU
Puncture-Pad: air- and waterproof: Cut a hole in your Aquapac? Don't worry, now you can fix it! Not just for Aquapacs. They're ideal for fast in-field repairs on tents, tarps, rain gear, fishing gear and more. They instantly seal leaking seams, tears and pinholes, stop rips from spreading and act as an abrasion-resistant shield on high-wear areas. See-through / transparent. Pack of 5. Super-aggressive adhesive for long lasting repairs. Works on: canvas, neoprene, nylon, PU, rubber, TPU. Does NOT work on: PVC, vinyl. But this one. Airtight and Watertight. Just peel and stick - no messy glue. Instant adhesion. For our backpacks and other bags where we use TPU-coated nylon, please stick from the outside and inside. Unique composition stretches and recovers absorbing the force that causes ordinary repair products to fail. Made in the USA. Supplied with: a pack of five. 35 x 35 mm / 1.4 x 1.4 in. transparent.

Desiccant Sachets 5g with humidity indicator
More about desiccant sachets for consumers, dealers and companies at our partnershop: Desiccant Sachets: 1 pack of 5g, size 26 x 70 x 5 mm, with indicator which shows if the desiccant is sated and has to be changed or regenerated. In humid climates, moisture in the air inside the case can condense into water droplets. A sachet of desiccant will absorb any such moisture, keeping the contents completely dry. We strongly suggest its use with all Aquapac cases. Our Desiccant sachets are highly absorbent and environmentally-friendly. Our desiccant sachet comes in a water- and dustproof Tyvek-Paper with an indicator for moisture. It chances it colour into rosa if the humidity is above 40%. If it is permantly rosa the desiccant sachet is saturated. You have to chance the desiccant sachet. Other field of application: If you have to protect other stuff like you collection of stamps, coins or what else or ship to other climate zones regularly, please have a look on our partnershop for desiccant sachets:

Desiccant sheets for action cams / lenses / anti-fog inserts
Just 1 millimetre thick, the desiccant sheets from Wisepac ensure that documents, important papers, optics and medical products are protected from moisture damage. Fits in action cams or lenses:With the Sheets we offer you a completely new product: Fibre desiccant in paper form. The sheets, which are smaller than DIN A10 (fit perfectly in the Go Pro™), are just 1.0 millimetre thick and PE-coated (do not remove the coating during use). This means that the desiccant cannot cause any contact damage to the item you are protecting, such as an action cam, smartphone or tablet. You can insert the sheet into small camera housings such as the Go Pro™ or optical devices, for example. You can also cut our larger sheets to the size you need. They then fit into small corners of larger camera housings or smartphone cases such as our Aquapacs, for example, and prevent annoying fogging. And the sheets can also be perforated. Like all our other desiccants, the sheets can also be regenerated: at a maximum of 80° in a convection oven.Desiccant in the Aquapac: The desiccant sheet or insert plate attracts moisture and prevents condensation from forming in the Aquapac.You will receive a bag with 12 discs and two additional zip bags so that you can transport your supplies protected from moisture.The dimensions of each sheet: 15 x 35 x 1mm.It is particularly useful in humid, warm climates, for example if you store your electronic equipment in our waterproof bag. If you close the Aquapac and its contents in warm, humid air and then take it into a colder environment (e.g. air conditioning or water), the moisture inside can condense and form water droplets! The desiccant absorbs them.The sheet is made of a coated desiccant, which is made of fibres. Please do not remove the coating.Regenerable: The desiccant can be dried again in the oven (preferably on 'circulating air') in about 6 hours at up to 80°C (not hotter because of the coating. Which is rather uneconomical. Do not dry in the microwave.Desiccants are also known as silica gel and drying gel. Our Wisepac desiccants contain a mineral mixture that is harmless to the environment, i.e. not chemically silica gel. You can therefore safely dispose of it in the organic waste bin.

Farben:: Royal Purple
Details: Glows for upto 10 years! Glows for over 12 hours in darkness Visibility 20 metres Waterproof to 30 metres Environmentally friendly Requires no power Tintet acrylic UV-protectet housing Housing available in six different colours: Crystal Green, Ice Blue, Mellow Yellow, Royal Purple, Vibrant Orange or Cool Pink Length: 51mm, Width: 10mm, Ring: 23mm.                            Contains no tritium or other radioactive material!

Gumstick Smartphone Stand
choose your color:: grey
The Gumstick™ is the most flexible stand for your smartphone or Tablet perfect in weight and balance, its flat tactile shape feels great in your hand yet it yearns to be molded. beautiful in design and form. extremely portable for everyday use and travel  lightweight and strong fully flexible compatible with all smartphones bends flat for easy storage view at any angle in any position in any location  designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK by Breffo™Supplied with: in  Black or GreyContent not included in the delivery.

€10.00* €20.00* (50% saved)
Floating Lanyard
This floating lanyard can be easly and quickly attached to your equipment.Key features: floating lanyard. for items up to the weight from 200 Gramms.Keeps your case, key or other small equipment on the surface of the water. in signal yellow. to put on your wrist while snorkeling or swimming.

€7.00* €8.00* (12.5% saved)
Tactical Sports Stretch Belt
Choose an option: Standard/Single
    Use this comfortable 38mm neoprene belt and carry your gear right where you can see it, hands free.with 7 tactical loops. Holds tight in place when you move. Adjustable length, 125 centimeters. Used by emergency services, rescue teams and military worldwide. also available as a bundle with 3 carabiners extra.



Aquapac™ waterproof Tablet PC-Case up to 11'' for iPad™
Details: Ideal for protecting your maps, electronics like your tablet pc or brand new Apple iPad™ or Samsungs Galaxy Tab*, your pen pc, ebook and other personal belongings. Touchscreen works through the foil. And all other functions, too. fits for touchscreen up to 11'' like the iPad11 guaranteed waterproof, dustproof, sandproof The UV-stabilized TPU material of the Aquapac won't be broken down or discoloured by sunlight saltwater resistant, too Guaranteed submersible to 33ft / 10m and keeps dust and sand out It will float safely if dropped in water You can use your equipment or the touchscreen of your iPad™ through the foil** four eyelets to lash it on the cockpit of your boat. Can`t believe? Have a look on this link or this one Supplied with: A detachable and adjustable shoulderstrap so you can wear the case comfortably two eyelets to detach itContent not included in the delivery.       *iPad, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc; Galaxy are registered trademarks of Samsung * Underwater a touch screen does not work in general. Photo release therefore is possible only by key. Our tip: please look in the settings of your table to switch the photo release on the volume button. For videos, you can switch the function above the water line.

Daypack Toccoa, waterproof, 28 Liters, CyanBlue/Black
Volumen in Liter: 28 L | choose your color:: cyan blue / black
You will get: a waterproof dayback Toccoa* with a capacitiy of 28 liters though 500D Vinyl will resist scrapes and abrasion on the trail all-welded construction seals out any water Roll-down seal with side (compression) or top (maximum volume) closure. Quick and easy closure which provides excellent sealing against the elements Mesh side pockets for drinks or quick-access items Breathable mesh straps and padding Lash points for lights Daisy-chain webbing to secure carabiners to the side of the bag Grab handle, for grabbing in acid-green/grey, cyan-blue/black or matt black Supplied with: straps for shoulderContent not included in the delivery.        *By the way: Toccoa is a whitewater river in Georgia, USA, close to Atlanta. During the olympics in 1996 the slaloms had been hold on the Toccoa

Noatak Wet & Dry Bag: 15, 25, 35 or 60 liter
Volumen in Liter: 35 L
Details: 15 Liter, 25 Liter, 35 Liter or 60 Liter Grey and orange adjustable straps to wear it as a backpack or shoulderbag. Or just as a bag. Lashtab to tie down to to canoe, bike or raft. Ideal for SUP riding, for the dinghy or for swimming to the beach. middle-sheet for separate storage of wet and dry items. manufactured from lightweight TPU-coated fabrics. welded seams. a classic 3-roll seal for complete waterproofing to IPX6 (that´s fire-hose proof!). weight: only 342 gram, 392 gram, 450 gram or 520 gram. Content not included in the delivery.

Variants from €42.00*
Offer! Waist Pack cyan blue only 45,- instead of 65,- €
choose your color:: cyan blue / grey
Details: 1 size, 3 colours: acid green, cyan blue or matt black. The capacity is around 4 Litres. Testet to IPX6* The Waist Pack is designed with a large, comfortable mesh padding strap to hug your waist during activities. It has a simple, single buckle which can be adjusted and moved to suit your movement and clothing. The Waist Pack rolls down with a classic drybag-style rolltop closure, and is rainproof when closed. The front pocket has a splashproof zipper and is perfect for phones or quick-access items during muddy or showery days out. The main compartment has another small, zippered mesh pocket for cash and credit cards, and a key loop so that you can’t lose your keys. TrailProof™ range is characterised by rugged 500D vinyl fabrics and an all-welded construction for proofing against rain, mud and sand. The colours are fun and bright to help them be seen, and so they don’t get too hot in the sunshine. Supplied with: Comes with an adjustable waist belt two additional waterproof pocketsContent not included in the delivery.                      * Tested to IPX6, which means as waterproof as you can get without actually immersing the bags underwater. Fire-hose proof! The testing: Protected against heavy seas - Water projected at all angles through a 12.5mm nozzle at a flow rate of 100 liters/min at a pressure of 100kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters.

€45.00* €65.00* (30.77% saved)
TrailProof™ Drybags & shoulder strap
Volumen in Liter: 7 L | choose your color:: cyan blue
TrailProof™ waterproof Drybags:  Aquapacs new range of drybags with shoulder strap: These are tough and simple drybags which allow you to pack and go, wherever you need to go Of course waterproof to IPX 6 In 4 sizes: 7 liters, 15 liters, 25 liters or 70 liters In two colours: acid-green or cyan-blue For travel, rafting, camping, sailing, expeditions and outdoor tours lightweight: 243g; 375g; 457g or 776g They are made from tough 500D vinyl to withstand all the knocks that you experience on the trail or on the boat flat bottom It is really simple to seal these drybags, just roll the top down 3 times. The bright colour in acid green or cyan blue means you can easily spot your gear amongst everyone else's, and it reduces how hot they'll get if left out in the sun.Scope of delivery: The drybag in your chosen size: 7, 15, 25 or 70 90 liters in cool Acid green or cyan blue with roll-up closure systemContent not included in the delivery.

DiCAPac Multipurpose Case, Chest Pouch, Dry Bag waterproof, Pink
choose your color:: pink
waterproof neck pouch for your personal valuables 100% waterproof to a depth of 10 meters. perfect for keys, money & cards. Passport, car keys or smartphone fit easily if you want to protect e-books, cell phones, MP3 players or wallets. clear front to find the content quickly. The back is mostly opaque swims with content through an integrated air cushion with a wide lanyard so that it does not cut into the neck Also suitable for mini tablets or e-book readers with a screen size of roundabout 7 '' such as Galaxy ™ Tab, Kindle Fire ™ or Tolino You use your touchscreen through the clear TPU-foil on the front. Or speak smartphone signal (also Bluetooth), speaking, listening, ringtone, GPS signal, operation and touchscreen are no problem thanks to the film. special foil window on the back. This allows you to take pictures underwater with the mobile phone camera. * Secure and reliable locking system with both zip fastener and double roll-up Velcro fastener The UV-stabilized TPU / PVC material does not become brittle or yellow when exposed to the sun salt water resistent The bag also protects against dust and sand. And also against sunscreen in six colors: black, white, yellow, green, pink and blue. Supplied with: It comes with an adjustable neckcord so you can hang it round your neck in the color of your choiceContent not included. ** A touchscreen usually does not work underwater. Photo triggering is therefore only possible via buttons. In the operating system settings, the photo trigger function can be assigned to the device's volume down button. With videos you can switch on the function above the waterline.

€25.00* €35.00* (28.57% saved)
Aryca Xcite-5 Hardbox
choose your color:: black
Waterproof and dustproof hard case for transporting smartphones, memory cards, batteries, powerbanks or other personal valuables such as ID, credit card or hotel card. Versatile use. Ideal for storing and transporting sensitive valuables for all kinds of leisure activities, but also for professional use. Front consists of a transparent silicone film. The devices inside, such as a small mobile phone, remain operable. Thanks to the clear back, photos can be taken without any problems. Listening and talking are also no problem, as is Bluetooth. Fits devices up to a maximum and exact size of 123,7 x 59 x 9 mm, one millimetre more is too much. Waterproof to IPX8, submersible to six metres. Box withstands drops from eight metres. Patented twist lock and safety pin to close. Lanyard included. Supplied with: It comes in black or white It comes with an adjustable neckcord so you can hang it round your neck.Contents not included.

€20.00* €40.00* (50% saved)
Pack-Divider, Ulra-Leightweight Dry Bag, luggage bag, 4 litres, white-blue
Volumen in Liter: 4 L
Pack-Divider, waterproof:  For use inside other bags to separate items, add waterproofing and prevent toiletry leaks from spreading Roll-down seal makes it waterproof to the IPX6 standard (protected against powerful water jets). Four sizes: 2, 4, 8 or 13 litres. Four colours are easy to find in luggage: yellow, blue, green and orange. Translucent material so you can see bag contents. Grab handle at both ends. 40D Nylon, PU-coated inside, Silicone-coated outside. PVC-free = 0% Vinyl. Content not included in the delivery.

Variants from €14.00*
TrailProof™ waterproof Duffels
Volumen in Liter: 90 L | choose your color:: acid green / grey
TrailProof™ waterproof duffels:  Aquapacs new range of duffels: These are tough and simple drybags which allow you to pack and go, wherever you need to go Of course waterproof to IPX 6 For travel, rafting, camping, sailing, expeditions and outdoor tours In 3 sizes: 40 liters, 70 liters or 90 liters lightweight: 832 g / 29,3 oz; 1086 gram / 38,3 oz; 1305 gram / 46,1 oz They are made from tough 500D vinyl to withstand all the knocks that you experience on the trail It is really simple to seal these duffels, just roll the top down 3 times. We have also added a Velcro® strip to make it even easier! Four compression straps help to make a great waterproof seal We have added simple integral carry handles The bright colour means you can easily spot your gear amongst everyone else's, and it reduces how hot they'll get if left out in the sun.Scope of delivery: The duffle in your chosen size: 40, 70 or 90 litres in cool Acid green / cool grey with carry handle, no shoulder straps with roll-up closure system and velcroContent not included in the delivery.

Variants from €70.00*