Desiccant sheets for action cams / lenses / anti-fog inserts


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Product number: TS-12
Product information "Desiccant sheets for action cams / lenses / anti-fog inserts"
Just 1 millimetre thick, the desiccant sheets from Wisepac ensure that documents, important papers, optics and medical products are protected from moisture damage. Fits in action cams or lenses:
With the Sheets we offer you a completely new product: Fibre desiccant in paper form. The sheets, which are smaller than DIN A10 (fit perfectly in the Go Pro™), are just 1.0 millimetre thick and PE-coated (do not remove the coating during use). This means that the desiccant cannot cause any contact damage to the item you are protecting, such as an action cam, smartphone or tablet. You can insert the sheet into small camera housings such as the Go Pro™ or optical devices, for example. 
You can also cut our larger sheets to the size you need. They then fit into small corners of larger camera housings or smartphone cases such as our Aquapacs, for example, and prevent annoying fogging. And the sheets can also be perforated. Like all our other desiccants, the sheets can also be regenerated: at a maximum of 80° in a convection oven.

Desiccant in the Aquapac: 
  • The desiccant sheet or insert plate attracts moisture and prevents condensation from forming in the Aquapac.
  • You will receive a bag with 12 discs and two additional zip bags so that you can transport your supplies protected from moisture.
  • The dimensions of each sheet: 15 x 35 x 1mm.
  • It is particularly useful in humid, warm climates, for example if you store your electronic equipment in our waterproof bag. If you close the Aquapac and its contents in warm, humid air and then take it into a colder environment (e.g. air conditioning or water), the moisture inside can condense and form water droplets! The desiccant absorbs them.
  • The sheet is made of a coated desiccant, which is made of fibres. Please do not remove the coating.
  • Regenerable: The desiccant can be dried again in the oven (preferably on 'circulating air') in about 6 hours at up to 80°C (not hotter because of the coating. Which is rather uneconomical. Do not dry in the microwave.
  • Desiccants are also known as silica gel and drying gel. Our Wisepac desiccants contain a mineral mixture that is harmless to the environment, i.e. not chemically silica gel. You can therefore safely dispose of it in the organic waste bin.

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